XYZ Live #33 – Alex Jones rocks Washington, The Swedish Election and Scott Morrison


Last night we covered the following topics:

  • Alex Jones crashes Little Marco Rubio press conference to spread the word about how big tech and the MSM are the real election manipulators.
  • The Sedish election results – good or bad for Sweden Democrats and for Sweden itself?
  • Good Scott Bad Scott – last week’s Bad Scott has become a Good Scott, with news that Scott Morrison has scrapped the NEG, will not legislate Paris Accord commitments and is fighting the outright theft of $100 billion from developed countries to shitholes.
  • Avi Yemini’s interview with Nigel Farage – is Farage soft on Islam, or is the issue of demographic displacement bigger than just Islam?

To top it off, we have introduced a new segment, Quote of the Week.