Quote of the Day: Democracy is a death trap


Way of the World discusses the fact that in Western and northern Europe, whether by apathy or by direct manipulation of the system by the globalist elite, there does not seem to be a way for nationalists to break through and change the suicidal course their countries are on. The solution is to recognise that democracy is not the answer:

“It’s high time that we recognise that democracy, whether it plays rules or not, is a death trap for the peoples of Europe. I hope nationalists can come together and build a movement that has secession, separation and remigration as the key parts of its platform. Until we start daring to discuss and develop new ideas, we will continue to endure the same old disappointments. Let’s start planning a future which recognises the most important thing in all of this, which is our right to a hime of our own.”

It’s your XYZ.