Wang Show – 0024: The Physical Impossibility of Satirising Damien Hirst


What is art?

That depends on whether you ask a conservaive or a commie. A conservative will tell you that art is something which, although it conforms to rules and objective standards governing technique, form, and subject, it transcends the limitations placed upon it, and even the technical mastery of its maker, to convey meaning to people across space and time.

A conservative also happens to be correct.

Ask a commie however, and the commie will tell you that there are no objective moral standards, nor any kind of objective standards, and that there is no such thing as truth or meaning. What you are left with is derivative shit. Quite literally, shit in a can.

Or a dead whale, rotting in a tank of its own putrid decay.

As Vic from the Wang Show says, this is beyond parody.

As we have become accustomed to, this episode of the Wang Show provides good entertainment along the way. Hearing a handful of supposed experts (read wankers) discuss Damien Hirst’s artwork, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, is particularly hilarious. Who knew “livingness” was a thing..

As stated, beyond parody.