36 seconds that will make you LOVE Blair Cottrell


What would you do if you saw a grown man parading in public in a pink mankini/leotard, ass-crack in full view, in front of your children?

You would march right up to him and demand “Put some cloths on and get the hell away from my kids!”

Then you might pause for a moment as you remember you are in the state of Victoria, in the heart of Melbourne no less. Reality runs by different rules here. What if the pervert you confront runs to the police and claims you verbally assaulted him? What if a weak-willed witness or two allows their warped sense of right and wrong to back up the pervert, rather than you? What if someone gets footage of the incident and sends it to the media, who take it out of context to try to make you look like a bully at best and violent criminal at worst?

Would that make you hesitate?

Not Blair Cottrell. Not only did he confront said pervert, he made sure it was filmed:

Gaping ass-crack in front of a child.

I only saw this footage for the first time last Sunday. (Note to self: Watch more normie news.) Naturally, the media savaged him for it.

Didn’t 9 News used to be right wing?

Meanwhile, normal people who watched it saw a brave man standing up to a near-naked whack job. Even with the predicatble media skew, anybody who hasn’t had their moral fibre permanently warped by Cultural Marxists programming (and there are a lot more of us than the media would like us to think) can see that what Blair did was right.

When Blair explained the full context of the footage to us last Monday, it turns out he was even more right:

The “performer”, Daniel Oldaker, had earlier, while clothed, attempted to goad Blair into involving himself in his bizarre act, and in so doing made “a passive aggressive political statement” about masculinity, or something:

“Hey there big fella, hey, you look like you have a lot of masculinity there! Can I have some? Can I have some of that masculinity? … Come on, I’ll fight you for it, I’ll fight you for your masculinity, come on… You see this is what will happen everyone, you’ll be laying on the ground covered in blood, because that’s what masculinity will get you, that’s all it’s good for.”

After chatting with the Lads, Blair decided to confront Daniel, by which stage he had stripped down, which caused Blair to call him out as a potential pedophile, telling him to get away from the children and leading a chant of “you’re not welcome.”

Here is some more footage, and also Blair talking to Neil Mitchell:



Posted by Future Now Australia on Tuesday, 26 June 2018

What makes the story even more interesting is that Blair states that a psychologist he knows called him regarding the incident, and said that the reaction of the street performer when confronted by Blair’s hulking frame was consistent with that of a child abuse victim.  It is important to note the high rate of sexual abuse histories in both homosexuals and transexuals. From here we can posit that this politicised and sexualised public performance was itself a projection of the victim’s own childhood abuse.

It is here that we get to the heart of why Blair Cottrell’s actions were right.  Blair’s behaviour was normal.  Daniel’s behaviour was not normal. There was a time when something like this would not be newsworthy, let alone noteworthy. There was a time when open displays of degeneracy and attacks on traditional masculinity would have been met with severe disapproval and ostracism. It was understood that this was necessary to maintain objective moral standards which allow a healthy society to function and to reproduce itself.

But at some stage, what we thought was a deal was struck, that we would relax these objective moral standards and allow those on the fringe to do what they like in the privacy of their own homes, or the obscurity of their little independent theatres. We were told that was all they wanted. But that was never all they wanted. They wanted to normalise homosexuality, to use your own money to fund the teaching of bizarre Marxist ideology regarding the sexes to your children, then rub their gaping ass cracks in your kids’ faces.

And it won’t stop there, either.

In standing up to this nonsense, Blair is reasserting traditional masculine norms, reasserting objective moral standards, and normalising the enforcement of those standards. It is a great example of why Blair is currently demonised by the MSM, and Melbourne’s perverted arts community has attempted to rally around Daniel Oldaker. A reassertion of morality horrifies them.

Meanwhile, the rest of us happily cheer.