Quote of the Day: Vote 1 Adam Piggott for Prime Minister


Adam Piggott produces a regular colum each Fricay called “Friday hawt chicks & links”. You can read his latest instalment here (really we all just read it for the hawt chicks) but a segment on Australia’s latest Prime Minister changeover has made Quote of the Day:

“What would your old mate Prime Minister Adam do if he had to pick his cabinet? The list would look something like this:

“Prime Minister, Treasurer, Defense minister, Minister for border protection, Attorney-General, Minister for agriculture, Minister for foreign affairs.

“That’s it. Gone would be all of this lot. The mass of politicians would be told to go and do what they were elected to do which is to represent the needs of their communities.

“The next thing that I would do would be to reintroduce mandatory conscription. Once that was under way I’d then cancel all welfare. The two are interrelated in more ways than one. After that I’d abolish the Reserve Bank, all of the commissions, withdraw from the UN and all international bodies of their ilk, raise defense spending to 10% of GDP, outlaw all religions except the Catholic and Protestant churches, abolish income taxes and reduce taxes to businesses to 5%, cut all red tape from doing business, expel immediately any immigrant convicted of a crime as well as their entire family as well as confiscate all of their property and donate it to the victims of their crimes, stop all immigration and leave all decisions on potential immigration to the minister of border protection, force the state governments to drastically reduce the costs of releasing land for new housing, outlaw all environmental groups and withdraw from all climate treaties, remove all subsidies for energy, and order a fancy new prime minister jet.

“Vote Adam?”

It’s your XYZ.