Quote of the Day: The Far Left Gets Played in Charlottesville


One year after the 2017 Charlottesville rally which the MSM, governments and the tech giants used as a pretext to push the so-called “far” right off the internet, out of their jobs and in some cases, into prison, two rallies have been held in Charlottesville and in Washington D.C. at which only a handful of patriots turned up and left early.

As a result, millions of ordinary Americans were treated to scenes of the far left doing what the far left does best; engaging in violence for the sake of violence.

It’s always the lefties, isn’t it..

Here is footage of them attacking police:

Here is footage of them attacking less extreme left-wing protestors:

And here is footage of them attacking the media:

And it’s not like this footage came from a report by Breitbart, the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson or the Daily Stormer, this was reported by Vox. Vox!


This guy said it best:

What we have here is a template, a template which was set by the “It’s Okay to be White” campaign, whereby we present facts reason and evidence, or a cheeky flyer, a honeypot protest, and we draw the far left into revealing its true, violent, totalitarian colours for all to see.

Mind you, this is exactly what Adam Piggott said last year:

“What you’re not after when organizing stuff like this is compromise or consensus. You’re not there to make people happy. You’re there to make a statement, and as such the core leadership must have a very clear idea of what the objectives are in that regard. Looking at what happened in Charlottseville, it appears that the core objectives were most probably reached with the brilliant torch-lit march on the Friday evening. The cops weren’t expecting it, the city wasn’t expecting it, and the Antifa goons were all probably out singing Kumbaya or making crappy porn videos. It was classic diversion tactics, only it wasn’t planned that way. But it got the job done, the alt-right looked brilliant, and if the leadership had had a bit more experience and some rock solid balls then they would have just sent everyone home after that.

“I mean, how stupid would Antifa and the rest of the far-left idiots have looked if the alt right hadn’t turned up on the Saturday? It would have been beautiful.”

It is a year too late. It is certainly a year too late for James Fields. But, we have a way forward.