The Bachelorette Finale: Woman picks toxically masculine alt-right chad over emotional male


Francis  Mellow

Let us recap:

Bachelorette Becca had two choices. Blake on left and Garrett on the right.

I didn’t watch it, so I can’t tell you who seemed to have good chemistry and all that, but I will tell you that she chose Garrett. Garrett is unpopular now, as it has come out that he liked a few edgy right wing memes and wasn’t as emotionally vulnerable as Blake.

Let’s head to twitter to find out what the correct opinions are to have on this matter.

Oh dear.

LOL! When an intruder breaks into their house do you think this strong independent modern women wants her partner to be her teammate or to protect her?

I’d like to lock in “protect” please Eddie!

On with the Garret show, imagine being so alpha that you tell a woman she gives you eagles, because butterflies are too effeminate.

The twitterati seem upset:

This is the best one though:

Feel free to scroll this at your own leisure:

Takeaway lesson: Do not be emotional or needy in front of women, ever!

At worst they will have contempt for an emotional man and at best they will pity him. Both outcomes will end romantic potential instantly and permanently.

I hate to submit these “Chad gets girl” stories, (they are certainly not noteworthy) but I feel like its important to dispel the notion that gender roles are irrelevant, and that despite the fact many talk a big game about being modern egalitarians, at the end of the day, every woman wants a Chad and every man wants a Stacey.

It’s Chad and Stacey’s world, you’re just living in it.