Apparently the way to fix immigration is with more immigration

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, pictured signing away his country.

What have immigration and the minimum wage got in common?

The correct number for both is ZERO.

According to our conservative party masters in the Liberal party government, the correct answer to the question of “stop the immigration because our cities’ infrastructure are getting destroyed” is to destroy the remaining working infrastructure around the country.

Turnbull tackles population amid concerns over quality of life.

“The Prime Minister said this week he was “keenly alert” to the issue to fill regional skills short­ages. “Having more migrants going, settling in regions rather than big cities … that’s a matter … we pay constant attention to.”

He has also suggested infrastructure development would be considered as part of the policy “work”.

“The congestion is the single biggest complaint people have in our big cities and the answer to that is having the right infrastructure and, of course, it should be built in advance of development.”

The entire article is focused on the big problem of failing infrastructure since that is what the government is also focused on. It never seems to enter their collective heads that there is a directly related culture problem as well. Right now on Facebook pages, blogs and message boards all over Australia, the advice being given to native Australians sick of the loss of their native communities is to move to the regional areas of the country.

Too bad that it looks like the government wants to destroy those as well. We’ve flooded our cities with immigrant invaders, so now it’s time to destroy those pesky regional holdouts as well. It takes a fair bit of time to rip apart the myriad of different communities in a large city, but out in the boondocks of country Australia that won’t take any time at all. And in the case of country towns like Bendigo then the infrastructure is ready to go. You see, guys; that’s why they decided to build a 2000 person capacity mosque in a town with a couple of hundred Muslims.

Just why does the government continue on this suicidal path? Because the Australian economic ponzi scheme depends upon it.

“When Mr Abbott suggested the intake should be cut by 80,000 in February, the Treasurer said it would cost the budget about $4 billion to $5bn over the next four years.”

If the short term economics necessary for a political party’s survival depends on more foreigners pouring into the country, then the problem will never end while the current status quo is maintained. And this is from a conservative party. Imagine what it will be like when the lefties get back into power. Remember, those guys don’t even nominally care about even pretending to balance the budget.

“Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said population was a “tricky, thorny issue” for governments but Australia had the capacity to support more people.”

As far as the Liberal party is concerned, their duty to the people who voted for their representation is to fill up Australia until it’s bursting at the brim. And why?

“We have a continent the size of the US yet we have 25 million people versus their over 200 million people,” Mr Pyne said.

“I feel like we can take more people in Australia and we have an obligation in many cases to do so,’’ he told Sky News yesterday.

Locked in the ivory towers of Canberra it seems to have escaped this brain-dead moron that the majority of Australia is a gigantic fucking desert. As for obligation, he needs to be reminded that the only obligation he has is to represent the interests of the people who voted him into office to represent them. Australia has no obligation to the billions of people around the world who would sell their children into bondage and slavery immediately just for the sniff of a chance at getting their hands on a share of our ridiculous welfare system. To infer any obligation to the rest of the world gives the lie to a vote in an Australian election having any meaning whatsoever.

The fact that it is a fineable offense not to vote is just the icing on the cake.

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Photo by Australian Embassy Jakarta