Thought for the Day: Why blacks don’t blame Arabs for slavery


A quote from Stefan Molyneux on Friday night opens a few doors:

“Do not use the conscience of good people to strip from them everything that they have.”

He was pointing out the injustice of blaming living white people for supposed crimes of the past which they did not commit. The reason this is done to us is because we are good people. We have empathy for the outsider in our DNA, and in the universalist thought which has dominated Western intellectual institutions for the last few centuries.

Certain groups know that if they press our guilty European conscience over slavery (despite the fact that we ended it globally), colonialism (despite the fact that it made the world a better place), the holocaust (despite the fact that 10 times as many Europeans died in World War Two than Jews), or even our material success (despite the fact that it has brought wealth to more people than ever before), we’ll cough up.

They would be quite happy to keep kicking us for change until we are done in.  It is Marxism in its purest form.

But noody bothers the Arabs about their slave trade which murdered an estimated 200 million people. Because they know it won’t do them any good. The Arabs aren’t sorry. They are proud of their mythical Golden Age. And they sure as hell won’t be shamed out of their money.

I say, ditch the guilt. Stop funding the diversity industry and the guilt trip university courses, close the holocaust museums, boycott Hollywood which make every movie a morality play about slavery, and end all welfare.

Make people work for a buck.

Demographic, Economic, Social and Immigration Crises solved.