You Only Need to Fire it Once


Here is an interesting article by Chris Kenny in the Australian:

“Let’s be clear, the Singapore summit happened because of Trump’s bellicose rhetoric and hairy-chested interventions.

“His aims were the same as those espoused by previous presidents, he was just unconventionally frank about his whip hand — American military might. His open threats and unpredictable nature certainly would have created nervousness in Pyongyang.”

As Rita Pahani points out about Trump’s critics, whatever Donald Trump does, no matter how much good has come from it, he is the worst thing ever to happen to humanity:

“The very same critics who said Trump was too tough and was pushing towards war now say he has given away too much and legitimised a cruel dictator.”

To all of these people: Get a life! Stop complaining, you lost; stop being a sore loser and move on. Take the wins that happen in the world. When gay marriage was legalised, we on the right were upset but we moved on to more pressing issues.

As noted in Kenny’s article, people were screaming at Trump’s apparent warmongering, but there was clearly a reason behind it. No president had taken a consistently hard line, no-BS strategy with the fat boy previously. Now look – Donald Trump is literally the first sitting president to meet with a North Korean dictator.

I hope Trump gets the peace prize. His bold actions combined with his unpredictability have brought North Korea to the negotiating table with South Korea and the US, and the possibility of officially ending the Korean War.

To quote Tony Stark – “the best weapon is… the weapon you only need to fire once.”

And the whole North Korea twitter saga was taking that line.

The world knows the destructive capability of the USA’s nuclear arsenal. It has increased to a mind-boggling level since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The US would only need to fire it once against North Korea; it just took someone politically unpredictable with their finger on the button to bring the stray mutt to heel.