Mother’s Day Madness


Have you wondered how the Lunatic Left, the Social Justice Warriors and the feminist ideologues are celebrating Mother’s Day this year? I bet you’re thinking they’re doing it by having a nice quiet family gathering, maybe getting the kids to make a little card and breakfast in bed, or maybe getting together with their own mums for a coffee? After all, it’s really just a day for kids to spoil their mums and make them feel special, not to mention one where dads can score some much-needed brownie points, isn’t it?

Of course not, that would be too simple, and not nearly progressive enough for our virtue signalling cousins trapped in the Dumbentia Dimension.

It appears that far from just sitting back and enjoying the day in some way, our gender non-conforming, perm-empathic, culture warriors of virtue have yet again decided that Mother’s Day is just not inclusive enough, and damn you to hell if you simply want to celebrate with your mum in peace.

In this piece from an outlet called Blasting News, we are reminded that “some people may have two mothers, some may only have a single father who acts as both mother and father, some may be raised by grandparents and some may have transgender parents” and therefore UK supermarket chain, Waitrose, has replaced the word “mother” on its cards with “Happy You Day”. The article also notes that “some schools have also been referring to the occasion as Special Person’s Day or Mother’s and Special Person’s Day.”

Then there’s this terrific write up from an outfit called Popsugar in which the author bemoans the fact that “despite all the joy holidays can bring, they also have the ability to cause people stress, grief, or alienation. Mother’s Day in particular, I have found, is one of those holidays.” In the mind of the author, the death of a mother or child, or indeed any unfortunate circumstance in the lives of some women, should mean that “Instead of having it revolve around only mothers, we should celebrate the many fantastic roles all women out there have. Women who have mothered, guided, supported, and loved people that they didn’t give birth to (and yes, pets are absolutely included in that).”

What does the author suggest you do if you followed your feminist dreams to have a career and decided you didn’t want kids? Heck celebrate THAT on Mother’s Day too!! Yay – Mother’s Day is for women who don’t want kids, because that’s more inclusive.

And of course there’s this feel-good story from America about Eric Maison, a parent of five from Baltimore, Michigan, who transitioned from female to male alongside his transgender daughter, Corey, and how he’s going to be celebrating Mother’s Day this year with his husband, Les.

All the stupidity aside, I would be the first to say that in some circumstances – maybe in a single parent home, or if a young child has lost his or her mum at an early age – families, schools and other institutions should exercise a degree of compassion during holidays such as these, and my experience has always been that these things are handled with utmost sensitivity.

But under this leftist assault on all things traditional, including families simply purchasing a Mother’s Day card, certain progressives have determined that the minority of the population yet again must feel insulted, threatened or saddened because they don’t fit into the normal definition of the occasion, and therefore society should adjust for them. Worse still, “progressives” and feminists have turned a quite simple holiday tradition into yet another ritualistic empathy-fest, whereby anyone that’s undergone the slightest heartache, suffered a bereavement or divorce, or decided one day that they’d like to change gender, must be afforded full victim status on this most egregious of occasions. Oh, the humanity.

Whatever happened to resilience? If you are going to take the responsibility of raising a child in a Same Sex marriage, or one in which either parent is “transitioning” gender, surely a simple conversation with the child explaining that Mummy-Dad, Daddy-Mum or Mummy Too is not quite the same thing as Mum wouldn’t go amiss? Are we conditioning both children and adults now to be so sensitive to the slightest provocation or discomfort, that we can’t possibly exclude anyone from anything anymore?

My own mum passed away over a decade ago from cancer. Obviously, she’s especially in my thoughts on Mother’s Day, while I watch the kids prepare breakfast for my wife and hand over their home-made presents with great gusto. The fact that she isn’t alive to see her grandkids grow up however doesn’t make me a victim, nor does it give me grounds to demand that those around me use “special language” to make me feel better.

Were she alive today however, I certainly wouldn’t be popping out to get her a “Happy You Day” card.

Here’s a message to all the Progressives out there – stop imposing your identity politics on my holidays. Stop hijacking Mother’s Day with your ritualised victim narratives and woe-is-they/them sob stories that presuppose all non-traditional families, single women and anyone else you’d care to single out are violently offended by the occasion. It’s insulting.

Instead, take a deep breath and allow yourselves the time to simply do what the rest of us do – enjoy the day and appreciate the mother figures in your life, whatever shape they take, for as long as you have them.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.