Tripping Down the Rabbit-Hole


We’re all by now familiar with the iconic scene from The Matrix in which Morpheus presents the choice to Neo of whether or not to take the leap into the great unknown:

Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Well, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the rabbit-hole is not just pretty damn deep, but Wonderland has long ago turned into a complete shithole.

This weekend I happened across an interview on Tucker Carlson:

It was with a representative of Equality Delaware, an LGBT activist group pushing ‘Regulation 225’, legislation that seeks to require schools to provide their students accessibility to facilities and activities that match up with their gender identities regardless of their gender at birth – such things as bathrooms, locker rooms, team sports, and calling students by their preferred name. It remains to be seen whether the resolution will pass, however Delaware wouldn’t be the first US State to do so; as the interviewee notes, Oregon, Massachusetts and Washington have already provided precedent.

The proposal would also allow students to choose their own race (that little detail is almost lost in the overall story, but we’ll come back to that in a moment).

As elsewhere in the world where similar legislation has been passed or is on the agenda, the reality is that it will grant schools and educators the power to make decisions concerning their perceived idea of a child’s welfare – essentially marking the school as the primary arbiter of children’s wellbeing “in the interests of the child’s safety” ahead of the rights and obligations of parents.

It’s all beginning to sound a little Kafkaesque to me.

It’s bad enough that our sons and daughters are being used as pawns in a great game of gender neutral wars, a la this tripe from The Guardian, but in a world where we wouldn’t allow our kids to make decisions about serious life-altering issues in other spheres until they’re old enough to comprehend the ramifications, the Left is openly championing a society where young children can rebel against the guardianship of their parents in the matter of sexual identity. This is regardless of the fact that these same children can barely plan their days, are still developing the emotional and cognitive skills to cope with being teens and adolescents, and in the case of those yet to hit puberty, wouldn’t have a clue what the male-female psychology is with respect to how they “feel” when they wake up in the morning.

How many more rungs down the ladder of the loony Left do we wish to climb before those in charge declare enough is enough?

Make no mistake about it; there is an insidious war on for control of our children. Having looked into the same-sex marriage debate in some detail last year, or the radical Left’s Safe Schools indoctrination programme in this country that has us looking at an epidemic of transgender kids, it’s clear that there are so many twists and turns down this rabbit-hole that it’s becoming difficult to stay on course.

Every week one could fill several pages with examples of gender-neutral quackery, from seemingly trivial advances in the world of men’s fashion trends a la genderless-frocks-dirty-trainers-london-mens-fashion-week-vivienne-westwood, or this bizarre plan in the UK to mark the rite of passage of the transgendered by celebrating the change via baptism, to a UK council handing out “Gender ID” badges so that they can better relate to the public. Yes, I acknowledge that these are just examples plucked from the random assortment of insanity which constitutes the internet these days, but there is an endless supply of them and they are no less real.

Which brings me back to the forgotten point – children in the Delaware case being allowed to “choose their race”. I wonder how this will play out in the hyper-intersectional world of race-based politics that we’re facing in the coming years.

No doubt we all recall the curious case of Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president who achieved international ignominy for “coming out as black” after being caught lying about her race. That was in 2015, and I distinctly recall the appropriate public reaction at the time which was to ridicule the deluded fool, and basically call her out on her bullshit.

Three years later, however, she has a Netflix documentary coming out and the word “trans-racialism” has entered into the Left’s common parlance, so much so that we have a US State actually proposing to allow children to choose their race. After all if we can sincerely identify with any gender we choose, why can’t we identify sincerely with another race? Or species? Or dimensional state? Or spiritual plane?

But this is where I want to pause for a moment, and look at an interesting development. Rather surprisingly, trans-racialism seems to have garnered far less sympathy or support from those in academia and the media on the Left, given that it appears to be a point of discussion amongst feminist philosophy groups. It seems like maybe, just maybe, the Left has reached the outer limits of what they’re prepared to push, given that they’re now faced with the jarring idea that their message of tolerance, diversity and feelings that promotes the notion of gender identity is clashing with their own intolerant ideology of cultural appropriation and race-based victim structures; after all, what if the awful white patriarchy sincerely identified as black? No lesser Social Justice broadsheet than the New York Times called the critique of trans-racialism a witch-hunt.

No matter how this madness plays out, it’s clear to me how these messages are advanced and how the narrative shifts; it’s said that the greatest snowstorm starts out with a single snowflake, and never is this truer than in the shit-storm of SJW politics. Each of these pointless crusades and attempts by the Left to re-write the narrative of how we choose to live as a polite, functioning Western society starts out with a completely fringe view, yet each time the fringe cause metastasizes quickly into the mainstream narrative.

I recall the statistics released from the 2016 Australian census, and the miniscule portion of the population that identified as “other than male or female”, something in the order of ~1,200 people (5.4 per 100,000) plus maybe a few thousand more depending on the interpretation of the questions.

I’m very sure that outside of the Leftist enclaves of the Queer Studies advocates, population statistics in the US, Canada or the UK would be pretty similar, yet somehow the megaphoned banshees promulgating this nonsense dominate the discussion. But I think there are a whole lot of normal parents out there who, unless they’re completely brainwashed, will soon be catching a glimpse of exactly what the Left’s Wonderland represents in 2018, and may be prepared to start a little shit-storm of their own.