Light bulb moment


Here is a close approximation of a conversation with two Asian students near the end of the last lesson on a Friday:

Student 1: Can I play some music?

Me: Do you have to? What do you want to play?

Student 1: Rick Astley.

Me: The 80s? The 80s should be buried in a deep hole and never see the light of day again. I hated the 80s.

Student 2: You like the 70s, don’t you sir?

Me: I never left the 70s. Greatest time ever!

Student 2: Wasn’t it a racist time?

Student 1: Yeah it was very racist then wasn’t it?

Me: Not any more so than now. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Student 1: Are you racist sir?

Me: Yes. But is that a bad thing? Why is it a crime?

Student 1. Because it’s discrimination.

Me: We are all discriminatory. I’ll prove it to you. You can only save the life of 1 of 2 people. One is your child, the other is a complete stranger. Who do you save?

Something switched on in the mind of this student. I could see the facial expression like a light bulb moment.

Me: We are all racist or discriminatory in many ways. This is not a crime, it is normal human nature.

Student 1. Yes. (Amazed at new found knowledge, I think.)