Sadiq Khan is a massive hypocrite


Sadiq Khan recently gave a speech where he whined and moaned about “hate-speech” and decried a number of “mean-tweets” he’d received. It was full of the usual snob-nosed sycophant drivel you’d expect from a “man” who’s life is spent browbeating Britons into submission.

Yes, some of the tweets he received were direct threats of violence, but his religion is causing untold harm to the nation he wants to destroy. So while I would never condone these threats, I feel no sympathy for him whatsoever. If he doesn’t want people to threaten him, he shouldn’t refuse to do anything about the threat of Islam. He should also spend more time calling out rape gangs and finding terrorists than trying to stop people from speaking their mind.

He followed-up his speech with a cringe-inducing video where he specifically moans about tweets he has received. If you want to feel righteous anger at this man’s vapid hypocrisy feel free to watch it, otherwise just take my word – it’s everything that is wrong with Britain right now.

This is a man who thinks mean tweets are more of a threat than child rape gangs, acid attacks, sharia patrols and Islamic no-go zones. He cares more about people saying things he doesn’t like than 400 Jihadi terrorists roaming the streets of Britain.

He’s a sinful fool whose position as the Mayor of the British capital is an insult to all British people, not to mention the millions of young men who died to protect the Isle.

He’s not British, he will never be British. He’s a Muslim man through and through who wishes to push “hate-speech” laws in order to stop anti-Islamic blasphemy. He even has the nerve to claim he supports free speech because he was a “human-rights” lawyer. At least we know where the racist Australian Human Rights Commission get their cues.

Anyway, I don’t want this to be a long article because giving this man more of my time wouldn’t be worth it. He deserves nothing but derision and once I am off my latest Twitter ban I will be sure to troll him relentlessly, until my next ban of course. Muslims own Twitter, after all..