Quote of the Day: Marry early


With all the manosphere talk on XYZ, it can be ironic that we hand out so much advice for the ladies, but this one is important, and if we have mentioned it before, it bears repeating. Quote of the Day comes from a respondent to Adam Piggot’s article “Ladies, your college degree and job won’t get you laid”:

“Ladies, word of advice. You can have it all, but not in the order you’re doing it.

“Instead of leaving school, going to uni, then entering the work force only to get to 38 and wish you had a husband and children, you need to reverse the order in which you do things.

“Rather, finish school, get married at 19, have 3 kids over 6 years (so now you’re 25), spend the next 15 years raising them all to (near) adulthood (and now you’re 40), /then/ go to uni to get your degree and spend the next 20 years until retirement working your dream job having already had your amazing family and children who love and respect you as their amazing mother who is improving her life.”

It’s your XYZ.