BREAKING NEWS: FBI and DOJ Abused Surveillance Powers in Effort to Stop Trump in 2016


Overnight, the long anticipated and infamous memo was released to the public without redactions. The memo is a product of an investigation by a US parliamentary intelligence committee.

In summary:

  • The Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee paid long-time British FBI source Christopher Steele $160,000 through two puppet organizations to compile the dossier obtained and published by Buzzfeed in January last year.
  • Christopher Steele told the then Associate Deputy Attorney General that he was ‘desperate’ that Trump did not get elected and ‘passionate’ about keeping him out of office.
  • Christopher Steele was later fired for disclosing his relationship with the FBI to the media and lying to the FBI about it.
  • This document was described as ‘salacious and unverified’, under oath James Comey, and ‘unverified and [containing] errors’ by Buzzfeed.
  • Despite the questionable integrity of the document, it was nevertheless successfully used in October 2016 to obtain a surveillance warrant and multiple warrant extensions against Carter Page, a Trump campaign operative, under laws allowing for surveillance of suspected foreign spies.
  • The wiretap warrant applications omitted important information about the document, in order to mislead the judge about the integrity of the document.
  • The misleading warrant wiretap applications required the approval of senior FBI and DOJ officials, who were aware of the origins of the document and its unreliable nature, yet they signed it anyway. They included then FBI director Comey, recently resigned FBI Deputy Director McCabe, then Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and then-Acting Deputy Attorney General Danna Boente.
  • The wiretap application also made allegations about the relationship of Page and fellow Trump campaign operative George Papadopoulos for which there was no evidence of any wrongdoing, despite there having been an FBI counterintelligence investigation into this started in July 2016 by rabid-anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok.
  • Strzok also was favorably disposed to Hillary Clinton, whom he was also responsible for investigating.
  • Strzok met with then-Deputy FBI Director McCabe to discuss an insurance policy against a Trump election win.
  • Robert Mueller’s ‘muh Russia’ investigation is on legally shaky ground, as it was started on the basis of information obtained from illegally obtained warrants.

To summarize the summary, this proves that a) Trump’s enemies criminally abused their powers to keep him out of office, and b) if there was real dirt on Trump, they would have found it and used it. Trump is clean.

You can read the memo in full here.