Nanny State


Deefer has a good one for all you people who just want to be left alone. Rest assured, the Tony Abbott wink makes its ubiquitous appearance.

Here is a taste of what Deefer has in store for us:

“They wanna cover me in bubble wrappin’ , like I’m an accident waiting to happen “
“What’ll be the next fad, after they tax junk food ads?”
“I’m gonna let my dog off the lead- what are they gonna do?
It’s not the end of the world if it squeezes out a ….”

It’s your Nanny State.

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Deefer is a writer of songs that feature riffy guitar work and witty lyrics. Like most muso's, he relies on a day job to pay his family bills. Being self employed, Deefer describes his job security as "unbeatable". He says his private life is "somewhat irregular" being still married to his first and only wife and the same couple being the parents of all three children in their household. Also, a little differently from most Conservatives , Deefer advocates a doubling of pension and unemployment benefits; that is providing the number of persons drawing them be more than halved. However don't be fooled by his friendly disposition as he does sometimes show a darker side. He is rumored to be furious that his song "I'm a Leftie" was overlooked for a Grammy. And he is known to release his venom in song. Just ask Julia Gillard (Misogyny), Malcolm Turnbull (Blue Arsed Fly) or Sam Dastyari (The Type that Doesn't Pay).