Thank you for 10,000 Facebook likes, and for Patreon contributions


It is David Hiscox here, editor of The XYZ. I am writing this post to thank all who have contributed to The XYZ smashing its way past 10,000 likes on Facebook. The contributors and the readers, those who have given sound advice and constructive criticism, and have engaged in hot debate and fascinating discussion; the owners and operators of like-minded sites on Facebook and across the internet; those who put in a lot of their time when The XYZ was in its foundation both behinds the scenes and at the coalface, those who have come along more recently to make excellent contributions, and those who have been with us and stayed with us from the start; thank you.

We have achieved this despite regular restrictions, temporary bans and permanent expulsions, and despite the fact that Facebook is controlled by people who do not have the best interests of the West at heart. We are using the Matrix against them.

I would also like to The XYZ’s Patreons. We currently have 22, who are contributing $205 a month to The XYZ Helicopter Fund. These funds will also be used to help grow The XYZ and our audience. Last month, one person pledged $100, the nuclear option. However, you can pledge as little as $3 a month, equivalent to the amount the Australian government spends each month, per person on their ABC. 1000 $3 pledges could go a long way toward pressuring the government to cut their ABC loose.

There was some consternation last month over proposed changes to Patreon’s fee structure which would have seen Patreon take a larger share of pledgers’ and creators’ money. However, this caused such a stink that Patreon backed down on these plans, and we even received an email from their head apologising for whole ordeal. Thus we will keep using Patreon, although we will work to develop new crowd funding sources as our ideological overlords tend to look unfavourably on our ilk, and we will need to diversify our income streams. To this end, we are also keen to open a digital currency account, and we have started advertising books which we believe will appeal to XYZ readers’ tastes through Amazon Affiliates. You can check out Aaron Clarey’s Enjoy the Decline by clicking on the great big poster on the right hand side of our homepage (you can’t miss it).

As for what is to come in 2018, I fully expect the left to go feral this January in the lead-up to Australia Day. Now that they have fake marriage, all their energy can be focused on destroying the celebration that goes to the heart of who we are and why we are here.

The Culture War is about to step up again. Here at The XYZ, we’ll be ready.