Quote of the Day: Concerned Parents and Citizens of a Once Fabulous Nation

F— off we’re full.

Quote of the Day comes from the Facebook thread related to Adam Piggott’s solution to the African Gang Crisis afflicting Melbourne; send them all home. An XYZ reader had an interesting rebuttal to the tired leftist accusations of “racist” and “bigot”:

“Often i am in conversations with people who are completely clueless as to what is happening. And very complacent. I have 2 beautiful kids and the thought of what kind of a future there will be for them is frightening. But once again! If you speak out you are labeled with the same old titles that we have become accustomed to. Bigot, racist etc. How about concerned parents and citizens of a once fabulous nation? There’s a label. I have friends who keep posting on their fb pages and try and convey to others what is happening. Unfortunately they are met with more criticism than awareness. If people can’t see how quickly this is escalating what chance do we have? They reboot movies to TV shows like Romper Stomper in which to portray Patriots as the villians. Just more propaganda crap for gullible viewers. And yes Edgar, vote for those who are fighting for our country.”

Concerned Parents and Citizens of a Once Fabulous Nation. I do like it. Could even make an acronym – CPCOFN.

On the other hand, acronyms are the sort of thing that incompetent bureaucrats enjoy using to make themselves appear slightly less dull. (Or more. Who knows..) I much prefer sticking to the term “patriot”. The left have attempted to demonise the term “patriot” to mean something akin to “nazi”. However, the fact that communist scum have had to adopt the more amorphous term “white supremacist” because any attempt to use the term “nazi” or “racist” or “bigot” these days gets them laughed off the internet, my suggestion is to keep using the term “patriot” and reclaim it to mean exactly what it means:

Concerned Parents and Citizens of a Once Fabulous Nation.