I am a ferryman


[African gang storms a barber shop in Footscray.]

The sub-Saharan violent crime wave that has plagued Melbourne for the last few years has finally become completely unmanageable; it is too big to ignore. A group of Federal Liberal politicians whose electorates fall within the greater Melbourne area have been petitioning the prime minister to take action:

“Victorian federal cabinet ministers are urging the Prime Minister to intervene in the state’s youth crime crisis, expressing to him growing frustration over the ­Andrews government’s management of law and order following a spree of violent incidents involving African gangs.

“At least a dozen Victorian-based federal MPs, including the cabinet ministers, have ­approached the Prime Minister in recent months to discuss what they believe has ­become “the No 1” issue affecting the state.

“Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who has also been lobbied over the issue, weighed in yesterday, saying the crisis was ultimately a state “problem of (Premier) Daniel Andrews’ making”.

It would be comfortable for our elites to be able to continue to believe that this crisis really is the fault of Premier Andrews. But the Andrews’ government has simply done what socialist governments always do when confronted by an issue that goes directly against their internal paradigm; they have stuck their collective heads in the sand while loudly proclaiming that there is no problem but if there were such a problem, which of course there is not, then they are absolutely on top of this non problem by all of the sound processes that they have put in place in order to deal with a problem that doesn’t exist.

The problem is not the Andrews government, and nor is it Sudanese thugs. The problem is multiculturalism. Melbourne is simply multiculturalism taken to its natural endgame. It is a state which possesses no Australian identity that anyone from 50 years ago would ever recognise. Melbourne is a city that has been Balkanised, split along tribal factions that are reflected in its suburbs. The unfortunate whites who are now being forced to sell up and move from their homes are simply those that found themselves on the wrong side of the demarcation line. Such boundaries were drawn up by bureaucrats a decade ago when someone had the bright idea to import Sudanese “refugees” in serious numbers. They had to put them somewhere, after all. The lesson for white Australians is that if you begin to see a surge of Africans or women in burkas at your local shopping center then it’s time to sell up and get out.

Notice how I did not describe the unfortunate whites as “white Australians”. But I may as well have done so, for that is what is now needed to be able to identify different tribal groups in a continent that has ceased to be a nation. This process began when we started using incoherent monikers to refer to different ethnic groups that had moved to our country. Labels such as “Greek-Australian” to give but one example. There is no such thing as a Greek-Australian. You are either Australian or you are Greek. A person cannot have allegiance to two different nations. Anyone proclaiming such a confused heritage is deeply untrustworthy at best.

Multiculturalism was nothing more than a concerted strategy to undermine Australia’s Anglo-Saxon heritage and replace it with a mishmash of random cultures from across the globe that would hold no allegiance to Australia as a nation and would thus be theoretically easily manipulable and receptive to socialist dogma. The first part of the multicultural plan worked brilliantly. Nobody can argue that Australia is still a white nation of Anglo-Saxon heritage. A single journey on any city’s public transport system will dispel that illusion.

But as always the socialists’ grand schemes don’t work out as intended. The new arrivals are no more predisposed to voluntarily fall under the socialist spell than any other race. If anything it is the Australian whites who are the only ones still believing in the socialist lies. Behind the black masks your average Antifa rally is as white as Peruvian marching powder.

No, the new arrivals are simply scoping out the way of the land and working out which parts they will carve up for themselves. As it stands Melbourne will become an Indian state while Sydney will be a Chinese nation in of itself.

But our politicians can no more believe in biological realism than they can cease to believe in climate change. That is why these Federal politicians are using Melbourne’s crime wave to score political points at the expense of the Andrews’ government. They are still reading from the old script. The script that says that every person is a blank slate upon which deep rooted cultural mores such as Western civilization can be casually imprinted.

In a recent piece The Z man argued that those who cannot fathom these biological realities are akin to a group of people who come to the edge of a river that bars their way but they do not understand that it is even there, much less to cross it.

“The result is we have this great divide in the West. I use the image of a river separating two groups of people. On the blank slate side of the river, they will come to water’s edge, but they never look across it, much less contemplate crossing it. On the other side, the biological realism side, the people wait patiently for the others to cross over, shouting words of encouragement to them. Every once in a while, a ferryman reaches the blank slate side and picks up some people and brings them across the river.

“We could use more ferrymen.

If 2017 was the year of Trump then 2018 stands to be the year of biological realism. This will be the year when the multicultural edifice will come crumbling down. This will be the year when individual people begin to take back their countries. But for that to happen then more people do indeed have to cross the river. They cannot be forced, they can only be encouraged. The only answer to the problem of these Sudanese gangs is to send them all back. Every single one of them, the good and the bad. They do not belong here. This is not their place. They have their place and they should go back and fight each other for it.

As we must fight for what is ours.

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