FAQ 12: What is Milo’s role in the Culture War?


In our final discussion of Milo’s visit to Australia, we discuss Milo’s role as a wrecking ball in the Culture War against the Marxist left.

Milo’s views are middle of the road libertarian, and he may not convey original ideas of his own, but he is an excellent communicator and debater, and his charismatic personality helps bring conservative ideas to the masses.

Further topics include:

  • The question of why people from designated victim groups tend, at least on the alt-light, to be the most effective spokesmen for straight white men;
  • If the Cultural Marxist left can be destroyed, Milo and the alt-light could find themselves as the new left wing of society;
  • A left wing which supports free speech, free markets and Western civilisation, but baulks at race realism, would be far preferable to the left wing we currently endure.

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