Thought for the Day: Thank God for evil missionaries


Last night in the Rugby League World Cup Semi Final, the Kangaroos thumped Fiji 54-6. At the end, after they all swapped jumpers, the Aussie squad joined the Fijians in a big circle. The Fijians sang a Christian song. It was beautiful. The Aussies all clapped along, looking awkward. It was all a little too.. Christian.

But we have to respect their culture, right? All cultures are equal. And besides, Australia doesn’t have a culture. Maybe we could be enriched with Christian Fijian culture.

Europe saved itself by transplanting its culture in North America, Australia and New Zealand – we came to Europe’s aid twice in the 21st century.  In the 21st century, European culture in the former territories of the British Empire appears intent on destroying itself, but perhaps, there is another hope.

We may have “interrupted” their culture. But maybe all that evil missionary work Europeans did will come back to save us.