The Americans are ruining Formula 1


The Americans are ruining everything again!!!

At the start of this F1 season an American mass media corporation called Liberty Media took the reigns of the greatest vehicle championship in the world.

They have made a couple of controversial decisions that teams and fans haven’t liked. Some are acceptable, like the “Halo” cockpit protection to shelter drivers to from debris,
but most recently Liberty Media have made new engine specifications for racing requirements from 2021. This has major teams very upset, and even had Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne threaten to pull Ferrari from F1 altogether.

These engine rules changes in the simplest terms mean smaller, cheaper engines (1.6L V6 Hybrid… excuse me while I vomit) with a single turbo and restrictions on development costs. The engines will have to be tuned to run at over 3000RPM to improve sound.

Basically I see a transition; first the “Halo”, then the cheaper, simpler engines, soon enclosed cockpits, followed by enclosed wheels, and then no right turns… ladies and gentlemen the Americans are turning F1 into NASCAR!!!

F1 is a jewel of racing and vehicle technological development. It’s a very romantic competition, so instead of turning the clock back with restrictions let the teams develop the engines more, and let that technology come out in their road cars.

Liberty Media: Get your ignorant, filthy, pudgy fingers out of the greatest motor sport on the planet and go back to your sand pit with your left turning rednecks!

Photo by Renzopaso