Antifa is colluding with ISIS and Al Qaeda


A book published by Edward Klein, the former Editor in Chief of New York Times Magazine, has revealed that the FBI presented evidence that members of an Antifa group based in Oakland, California have made contact with members of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The line “we told you so” doesn’t even cut it.

Here are the relevant quotes from All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, which you can verify at Townhall and the Daily Mail:

“There is clearly overwhelming evidence that there are growing ties between U.S. radicals and the Islamic State, as well as several [ISIS] offshoots and splinter groups,’ stated the FBI field report, which was delivered to Acting Director Andrew McCabe on July 11, 2017.”

From FaceSwapOnline.

“Now that the bureau has determined they have followers in the radical U.S. resistance movement in the United States, it is clear there will be additional violence in the attacks on law enforcement and U.S. institutions, including banks.

“Ties between three key leaders of the Oakland group [names redacted] met in Hamburg with a leader of the AQAP [Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] and the AQIM [Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb],’ the report continued. ‘The leader from AQAP is an Egyptian-born male [name redacted] who is known to be in charge of finances and recruiting for the group.

“There is evidence from informants that he is helping the Oakland group acquire the weapons they are seeking, primarily bomb making equipment and toxic chemicals and gasses.

“One of the men from Oakland traveled to Syria to meet with ISIS; the purpose was for training in tactics, but was thought to be primarily a bonding visit to discuss possible massive disruptive attacks in the U.S.

“While in Hamburg, several of the Oakland-based criminals were photographed throwing Molotov cocktails and wielding iron bars, which have been their weapons of choice, though they are almost certainly on the verge of upping the caliber of their weaponry for use in the U.S.

“Despite having their faces covered by masks, they were positively identified.

“This group and their connections with the radical Islamic groups must be disrupted and destroyed.”

Antifa represent a clear and present danger to the citizens of the West. The terrorist organisation should be outlawed and its members arrested.

But there is more:

“The FBI is really playing catchup ball, because the Obama administration refused to give the bureau the resources it needed to effectively infiltrate and surveil the radical groups on college campuses,’ the source continued.

“Any talk of a connection between radical Islam—a phrase the Obama people wouldn’t even use—and American extremists was pretty much laughed off. [Former Attorney General] Loretta Lynch would have blown a gasket if she heard that the FBI was surveilling so-called college political organizations.

“All that has changed under the Trump administration. Everyone’s aware that the resistance movement, with its effort to get rid of Trump by any means necessary, has created fertile soil for ISIS and al Qaeda to establish a beachhead in America.”

This bias and indeed favouring toward left-wing terrorist groups by leftists who hold political power is reflected here in Australia. Antifa are essentially the military wing of the politically correct Cultural Marxist forces which enforce speech suppression in this country. An SJW online hate gang will cost you your job, the MSM will destroy your repution, and Antifa will beat you in the head with an iron bar.

The XYZ’s Lucas Rosas has demonstrated how the media in this country consistently fails to acknowledge the extremism of left-wing activists, and David Hilton has provided an excellent debunking of the ABC’s Media Watch’s defence of Antifa. The ABC, an organisation paid for by the money of the people of Australia, has defended an organisation which represents a clear and present danger to the people of Australia.

The ABC needs to be shut down.