A Grumpy Thought: Fat Models and Mediocrity in Society


The world is constantly turning more and more into a cesspool of crap and mediocrity.

If I want to be a rock star I work very hard at my craft, I work on my appearance and I work on relationships with musicians and powerbrokers in the industry.

If I want to be a police officer I work on my fitness and patience.

If I want to be an elite model I work my arse off to fit the requirements for that role, ie, have a healthy body…

From a Pizza Bottle article titled “Ashley Graham Just Dragged Victoria’s Secret For Not Including Any Plus-Size Models In Their Show”:

“Ashley Graham has always been outspoken about the industry and their standards of beauty. For years, she has made her career out of defying the modeling industry’s belief that “thin is beautiful.” Instead, she has made a new normal for herself and other models who aren’t a size 0 or 2. Graham has been recognized by numerous organizations and outlets for her courage and confidence in loving herself for exactly who she is.

“After Sunday night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Graham decided to throw a bit of shade at the lingerie company for not including any plus-size models in their show.”

If you’re a fatty and you want to be a model but are too lazy to improve yourself for the role, go shoot for Kmart. If you want to be part of Victoria’s Secret and the elite realm of modelling, go to the gym and put the burger down!

I’ve said before: mediocrity is killing this society. Why do we keep encouraging and empowering this movement of uselessness?