Thought for the Day: Unintentionally Hilarious


You may have noticed the expression “unintentionally hilarious” entering the lexicon of XYZ writers. Its definition is as follows:

“Someone on the left being so blind to their own bias that they fail to realise that their argument exposes this bias, and reinforces a narrative counter to that of the left.”

One might even call this “unconscious bias”.

Examples include:

An elderly, balding Guardian writer with a history of organising and leading violent protests suggesting that a political opponent should be barred from mainstream society because he doesn’t like the people with whom his political opponent has associated;

A feminist identifying the reason women hit the wall partnerless and childless, without realising that she has actually identified the reason.

Feel free to suggest your own examples, and/or expand upon the definition. We hope it gets put to good use.

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by freddie boy