The Problem with Disavowing Nazis when Everyone is a Nazi


I give up. You just can’t reason with these people. They are more obsessed with intersectional identity politics and the distinctions between races, sexual orientation, and gender than the architects of the final solution were, and they have the brass to clutch their pearls when a (few) far right adherents to the mirror image of their own ideology materialise in Charlottesville, after literally not existing for at least thirty years on the part of the Klan, and at least seventy years on the part of the numbskulls who think that a sieg heil will do anything other than empower Cultural Marxism.

You guys made this noxious little bed of weeds. You tilled the soil with headlines about ‘old white men’ ruining everything. You planted the seeds by removing equality of opportunity and replacing it with equality of outcome. You watered the seeds with hashtags of white man tears, you fertilised the garden with manure as you wrote off half the population as a basket of deplorables. And now you’re astounded that the once freshly tilled bed is overflowing with thistle? Really?

YouTuber Sargon of Akkad had this to say on the riots that have apparently resulted in vehicular homicide:

“The United States was founded on Enlightenment ideals based on British Liberalism, and now you have continental collectivists fighting in your streets over whether it’s better to be a fascist or communist. The answer is: they’re both terrible and fundamentally opposed to the constitution of your nation my American friends.”

Boom. The most idiotic thing to come out of all this has to be the criticism of what I thought was a very effective statement by Donald Trump basically telling ALL violent protesters of any ideology to knock it off. Now we all know that Antifa would have started it. They always do. The msm actively lie when it suits them so omitting a few pertinent facts isn’t an issue.

A based-stick-man type response IN DEFENCE of being attacked with bike locks is one thing. Actively trying to run someone down is not only unacceptable and horrible, but the imbecile responsible just kicked an own goal in the final quarter. It’s only early, but the suspect does appear to be from the right.

But the stupidity of demanding that a President trying to restore calm must address enflamed racial tensions by further racially charging the situation is nothing short of staggering. While Obama did nothing to dissuade BLM protesters from burning their own neighbourhoods to the ground, nobody in their right mind expected him to single them out ethnically for their actions and further escalate tensions.

That’s integration 101. One rule for all. It doesn’t matter what the ethnicity of someone who torched a car was. NOBODY should get away with torching a car. You’d think that the left would realise the folly of racially profiling the already paranoid, and what the logical progression of such a response from the President of all people might be.

To play devil’s advocate, their response will be “but we just want him to disavow white nationalists and Nazis”. That would normally be a rational point in a perfect world. But you people branded all of us, every last one of us who disagreed with you as white nationalists and Nazis a very long time ago. Richard Spencer is a white nationalist and a nazi. But so is Dave Rubin, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, James Damore, oh and let’s not forget everyone who voted for Tony Abbott or Donald Trump. We’re all Nazis and racists and on the wrong side of history now.

You people branded us, and it’s pretty hard to remove. It’s too late for pardons. We’re past the eleventh hour and the governor didn’t call. You’re asking the President to disavow every single person who voted for him and even millions more who didn’t? They’re all Nazis. You established the rules, he’s just trying to work around them. When everyone is a Nazi, nobody is a Nazi. You guys literally culturally appropriated those few Klansmen and Neo-Nazis causing s**t down in Charlottesville with your new conservative pronouns.

You people made this thorny garden and set the world to burn. Now you can lay in it. I’m just at the point now where I’m sitting back eating popcorn and looking on in disbelief.

It’s your XYZ.

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