The XYZ Effect: Luvvies Flock to XYZ


You may have noticed that thousands of votes have been tallied in the latest XYZ Viewer Poll, asking the obvious question “Is the ABC massively biased to the left, and in breach of its charter?” You may also have noticed something out of the ordinary for an XYZ Poll: it is practically neck and neck.

Isn’t this just scintillating?

Luvvies have been visiting The XYZ, it seems, and we couldn’t be happier. If lefties care so much about an XYZ poll on their favourite propaganda outlet, it can only mean one thing:

So many minds. Luckily, we have so many red pills. They can enjoy the work of Moses Apostaticus, Adam Piggott, Ryan Fletcher, Eh?nonymous, Zeitungsdunkel, GreenmynDeefer, Grumpy Motorist, Steve B, BJMattysModernLife, Liberator ZenThe RebbeLucas Rosas, Ben Richards, Dick Silhouette, Chips O’Toole, Apache, New South Whale, Keating, Vic Timms, Boethius, Jeremy Morgan, Elizabeth Couchwoman, Elven Pegasister, and hell, even yours truly.

With former Viewer Poll questions such as, “Will the left be happy when everyone resembles the Goobacks featured in Season 8, Episode 7 of South Park?” and, “Will the world come to an end if the ABC is privatised?” it is nice to know that lefties care enough to raid The XYZ.

What they forget is this: Even if we lose, we win.