American Pravda: XYZ Reports on Explosive Project Veritas Revelations as Australian Mainstream Media Remain Complicit In Their Silence


James O’Keefe, arguably the finest citizen journalist on the planet, has just broken the most explosive story about collusion and deliberately false dissemination of the Trump Presidency. No, this isn’t about Trump and his relationship with Russian Hackers, but rather CNN’s manufacture, or at least their knowingly unfounded conjecture about the wildest, most implausible conspiracy that has ever been so broadly peddled as fact by mainstream media.

These are not unfounded allegations or conjecture by O’Keefe. Unfounded allegations and conjecture are the business model of CNN, as evidenced by the American Pravda report. It’s all there, unedited and incredibly incriminating. The report is so irrefutable, so damning that the White House is urging every American to view it. And by the White House, we don’t mean Trump tweeting at 3am. White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the one doing the urging on behalf of the entire administration. It cannot be simply dismissed as the reaction of a thin-skinned President. This is the exposure of a deliberate media campaign of disinformation.

Just like American mainstream media, Australian mainstream media has a near pathological obsession with the 45th President. Any story that can even be tenuously connected to the Trump administration takes precedence over everything else. You’d think that such explosive revelations would be impossible to ignore, particularly for a mainstream media with a terminal case of Trump fever.

But the entire MSM have been complicit in nurturing the Russian hacking narrative. At best the American Pravda revelations make the likes of Fairfax and the ABC look incredibly foolish, naive, and incompetent. At worst, the revelations make them appear as willing collaborators. I tend to believe that it’s the former. Australian MSM are lazy by and large, and take their cues from news wires rather than their own sources or investigations with a few exceptions.

XYZ saw the Russian narrative as wildly misrepresented speculation from day one. Obviously foreign powers always take an interest in elections abroad, but Russia did not hack voting machines or collude with Trump to secure the Presidency for him, as the narrative has always alluded to without even a shred of evidence, despite the fact that the West Wing has been leaking like a sieve for the past six months. A non-story has been flipped on its head and turned into the biggest story of deliberate media corruption in recent memory.

You won’t see the American Pravda story covered in Australian mainstream media. To do so would be suicidal for Fairfax, ABC, and others. It would be an admission of guilt, or guilt by association. They’ll try to quietly back away from the Russian collusion narrative. Don’t allow them to. Keep linking to the American Pravda report beneath their lies on social media. Keep asking about Russian collusion so that others will keep whatever their current tin foil hat theory is in context. If Australian mainstream media refuses to do their job with a modicum of integrity, Facebook commenters must do it for them.

It’s your XYZ.

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