Highly intelligent and abundantly lauded


Sometimes I hate going to my inbox. That’s because it’s seething with hate! Yes, that’s right I’ve got another one. This time it’s signed by an artist by the name of ‘Dhim Jayvis’. Another one of my many enemies. Well, let them hate me so long as they fear me. TRIGGER WARNING.

Cartoon by Dhim Jayvis.

I have work related stress because of all the hate mail I keep getting, so I am going to keep this short and sweet. There is nothing in any official Islamic scriptures which endorses child marriage and sex slavery, or says that a woman’s testimony is half that of a man! That is the TRUTH. If you heard otherwise, it’s a fabrication by fake news outlets! Just ask Andrew O’Keefe if you don’t believe me. He’s an expert on this. He always interrupts, and talks in that voice, and has that woman next to him who always nods and wears exactly the right amount of makeup. People who do those things are always sure and well-informed. BAM! More truth. Moreover, Yassmin Abel-Magied is a highly intelligent, abundantly lauded ultrawoman who lives on an oil rig out at sea. Oh, and by the way, obsequiousness never nauseated anyone. As if! I do it all the time! BAM!

The best thing about this cartoon is that it dares to imagine Malcolm Turnbull as a transgender Islamic woman in bondage with a furry fetish. Because you know what? I wish he would become that person, too! What a great life choice that would be! So empowering! Then we’d get some real leadership in this country!