Tina Fey Bemoans Women’s Right to Freely Vote


In a breathtaking lack of awareness and recognition of textbook irony, comedian Tina Fey has suggested in so many words that women should not be given a voice at the polling booth.

Sure, they can vote. But only for the candidate that the Cultural Marxist patriarchy (let’s face it, most of their power brokers are Beta Males trying to curry favour in an attempt to get laid) says it’s ok to vote for. Otherwise repercussions and intimidation. You can be whatever you wish, ladies, as long as it falls within the narrow parameters of what the regressive left believes you should be.

Tina Fey’s ideal concept of democracy appears to look very much like a banana republic in a third world s—hole. Vote for whoever you like ladies, but it’s probably in your best interest to vote for the candidate whose supporters are menacingly standing outside the booth with machetes (interchangeable, of course, with masked violent Antifa thugs).

Make no mistake, Tina Fey’s comments disempower women in every possible way. They take away what should be their inalienable right to self govern. The sad thing is that she doesn’t even realise it. She’s the end result of Marxist indoctrination that uses identity politics as just another way to intimidate the people they should be looking out for until they step into line. What’s ‘good’ for women is always conveniently what’s good for the inner party. One of the swiftest means to an end is by making the people you’re exploiting feel that they’re intelligent, morally superior, or empowered in some way by toeing a party line that they may otherwise suspect as being quite sinister.

Cultural Marxist power brokers have played Tina Fey like a fiddle, and she’s virtually a Stradivarius.

It’s your XYZ.

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