Quote of the Day: Is Democracy Doomed To Failure?


Tonight’s reading comes from Nick Land, whose writing on Neoreaction and the Dark Enlightenment is very dense reading, and it will most likely take you to a very dark place, but it is very, well, enlightening:

“Behavioral reality knows only one iron law: Whatever is subsidized is promoted. With a necessity no weaker than that of entropy itself, insofar as social democracy seeks to soften bad consequences – for major corporations no less than for struggling individuals or hapless cultures — things get worse. There is no way around, or beyond this formula, only wishful thinking, and complicity with degeneration. Of course, this defining reactionary insight is doomed to inconsequence, since it amounts to the supremely unpalatable conclusion that every attempt at ‘progressive’ improvement is fated to reverse itself, ‘perversely’, into horrible failure. No democracy could accept this, which means that every democracy will fail.”

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