Three cheers for Pauline and death to the ABC!

Artist’s impression of what the majority of Australians would like to see happen to their ABC.

Thank God, someone finally did it.

One Nation has declared that they will block government cuts until such a time as those cuts include the budgetary evisceration of the leftist sheltered workshop that is the ABC, or its total abolition.

After two decades of sneers and smears, topped by the Four Corners propaganda hit job, and Insiders leaking details of a security-sensitive trip by One Nation Senators to visit troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pauline Hanson and her crew have finally had enough.

Bravo to them and more power to their arm.

Aside from immigration, there is no more important issue for Australia’s future than shrinking or at least halting the growth of the three main battle tanks the left use to win the culture wars. Those three ivory towers built of taxpayer tears: Academia, the ABC, and their retarded cousin SBS.

This three-headed hydra are the main drivers of almost every cultural swing to the left in Australian society over the course of the last few decades. Academia is easily the worst, but the second biggest head of the beast is the ABC. As much as the left might like to pretend otherwise, there’s not a single person in Australia who doesn’t know which way the ideological groupthink of “Aunty” leans.

While our cultural class is notable for its insular nature, not even they can completely deny that there is not a newspaper in the supposedly evil right-wing Murdoch stable with as little ideological diversity as the billion dollar behemoth that the ABC has become.

As I have pointed out in previous articles, this is an organization that employs open leftist activists such as Tony Jones, Jon Faine, Emma Alberici, Paul Barry, Sarah Ferguson, Mark Colvin, Jonathan Green, Fran Kelly, Sabra Lane, Robyn Williams, Wendy Harmer, Phillip Adams, Sophie McNeil, Raf Epstien, Annabel Crabb, Barrie Cassidy and Scott Stephens.

They even employ Richard Glover, the Sydney ABC radio Drive presenter who gloated in the Washington Post about how instrumental the ABC and other Australian leftist journalists are in keeping evil right-wing bogans cowed and quiet.

If you talk to a leftist for long enough [usually over alcohol] you can get them to admit that the ABC is biased. Their fall back position is that it MUST be biased to balance the fictional “evil right-wing Murdoch conspiracy”.

When you point out that the Murdoch press [which they’ve seldom ever read] isn’t particularly right-wing compared to the general population, and in some papers like the Courier Mail the editorial line is considerably to the left of their audience, they start trying to change the subject.

Our publicly-funded broadcasters and their complete capture by the left allows those pushing leftist ideas a massive advantage in the Culture Wars; according to some estimates the ABC and SBS employ more journalists than the rest of the Australian news media put together.

This means they get to decide what stories are important and what themes will be pushed. As commercial media has had to deal with the rise of the internet and the steep decline in advertising revenue, the ABC and SBS’s power and influence over what we talk about and how we talk about it has only grown.

Back in the nineties John Howard made a few small and mostly ineffectual moves to try and curtail the monster’s growing strength, but ultimately he only made it mad. However useless his tinkering at board level and around the edges turned out to be, at least little Johnny and most of the Liberal Party of his day recognized the obvious truth that the ABC was not their friend, and that in the Culture Wars it served as a leftist WMD.

The contrast with the modern Liberal and National parties could not be starker. As soon as One Nation declared their intentions to try and trim the budget of one of the biggest guns in the Australian left’s arsenal, Mathias Cormann of the Liberals and Barnaby Joyce of the Nationals jumped to the defense of the publicly funded propaganda arm of their putative opponents.

Amazingly enough in a shocking turn of events the ALP agreed, with communications spokeswoman Michelle Rowland declaring that “the ABC is a national treasure that deserves to be properly funded” and further indicated that under the next Labor government funding would be expanded even further.

Just as the ABC was once upon a time a reputable organisation that attempted to abide by its charter obligations, the Liberal and National parties were once the voices of right-of-centre Australia. Those days have gone.

When a human body is unable to recognize the virus that is killing it that body soon dies. The same is happening to the parties of the establishment right. So keen to be the token “nice” right-winger at the fashionable dinner party, they have transformed into a macabre copy of what they once opposed.

building fire photo
Artist’s impression of what their ABC may look like, 2000 years after it is destroyed. Photo by riyadh.albalushi

Regardless of the few, lonely, virtuous souls that still inhabit the hollow shells of what were once great institutions, the Liberal and National parties as well as the ABC now need to be carried into the back of the veterinarian’s office for that last needle that will put them out of their misery.

At this point voting for the LNP is almost as bad as voting for the ALP or the Greens. While it might make you feel better, voting first preference for the Libs or Nationals is really just voting for the left, only slightly slower.

The war goes on, and there are many battles to fight, but if the new wave of the Right can replace the old there might still be hope for a better Australia, a better future for our people and the land our ancestors bestowed to us.

One of the most vital blows that can be struck is to stop funding the weapons the enemy uses against us. The ABC is one of the most important of these.

It’s time to push for what has been a dream on the Right for so long:

Shut it down.

Fire them all.

Salt the earth.

ABC delenda est.

Photo by pwjamro