Mainstream Media Muzzles Blacks, Mexicans, and Blue Collar Americans


One thing really stood out in the CNN-led Blitzkrieg coverage intended to destabilise the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and cause irrational fear in even the most apolitical observer. Where are all the ordinary people being interviewed? The poor put-upon people being interviewed about what they think of the new administration?

The poor blacks of Ferguson. The poor Latinos of East L.A., the poor whites of the Bible Belt who propelled the guy into power. Part of the media narrative is that Trump will harm the most disadvantaged members of society. So it seems very strange indeed that these people are nowhere to be seen in front of CNN or MSNBC microphones expressing their fear or despair.

I watched CNN coverage quite a bit over the days following the inauguration, and continue to do so. Here’s what I saw. Outraged and/or fearful well-heeled white people. Genuine one percenters. The very people who stand to lose from the Trump administration’s very bold taxation restructuring (one that I don’t necessarily agree with as a well-heeled fiscally conservative white person, I might add) that will see low income earning households on a single or combined income of less than $55,000 pay NO INCOME TAX, while we see modest, yet obviously unwelcome increases for the kind of household in which a trophy wife might have the luxury of taking the day out to attend a protest with a ‘Trump=Hitler” placard.

Here’s what I didn’t see: blacks, Latinos, or working class people. Sure, there were a couple of black and Latino talking heads on their panels, suitably primed with a gentrified upbringing and indoctrinated with all the correct opinions. But we didn’t hear from a struggling black family in one of the worst suburbs of Philadelphia. We didn’t hear from a Latino small business owner from Utah. We heard almost exclusively from those who well and truly fit the bill of ‘all of the white people’.

Black Lives Matter protests and disturbances were an almost daily occurrence under Obama. They ceased virtually overnight in November. This is incredibly interesting. Nothing has changed (yet). Black perpetrators are still being killed by police in the line of duty on a daily basis, but where is the BLM and MSM outrage?

It unquestionably confirms that the BLM movement was funded by vested interests that have now been diverted to anti-Trump activity, and it’s also likely that blacks are hopeful or at least less concerned than we’ve been led to believe by the new administration. If neighbourhoods were burning, if African-Americans were legitimately concerned or outraged, MSM would be front and centre with them recording sound bytes. If this meeting with black community leaders and this little-reported story from the ’90s is anything to go by, perhaps things are less frosty between the President and African-Americans than the MSM would have you believe.

Latinos are also conspicuous in their media absence. Sure, we’ve heard a couple of celebrities or high profile activists on the take interviewed. But given the level of left-wing outrage on behalf of the people beyond the proposed wall, you’d think we would have heard from at least some of the tens of millions of ordinary Mexicans or other Latinos on CNN by now.

And forget about the deplorables, the white blue-collar Americans who were given no voice or concern by Hillary Clinton, and continue to be given no voice or concern by her benefactor CNN. I have yet to see a union automotive worker interviewed about their thoughts on the new administration, and fully expect the MSM to hunt down Sasquatch for his fearful opinions on the Trump Presidency before they ever feel inclined to go in search of the opinions of tens of millions of working-class Americans.

CNN did allow three or four carefully vetted Muslims affected by the travel ban to be played on loop over a few days as they amplified a few minor inconveniences as something akin to martial law. But again, I didn’t see any naturalised citizens from those seven countries interviewed about the prospect of a three-month ban. Why? If there was genuinely such fear and outrage, you’d think that there would be no shortage of interviewees without focusing entirely on three or four anecdotal cases.

As a CNN or other MSM reporter, you’d think that it would be a no-brainer to do a man on the street segment in Little Havana, Compton, or out in the Heartland and asking the question, “So how do you think Trump is doing?” But we’ve seen none of this. Why? Because the mainstream media may not like the answers they get. They insist on pushing the least plausible narrative since Batman vs. Superman.

The MSM have made a lucrative career out of pretending to care about these same disenfranchised groups, yet in a post-election world they have defaulted to only allowing well-heeled white people’s voices to be heard. In their biased coverage, things have come full circle, as CNN and others have wished genuine white privilege into existence by amplifying the opinions of waspish Hollywood celebrities as they mute those of the genuinely put-upon.

It’s your XYZ.

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