Dave Rubin is a Gay Hypocrite


Someone linked me this video from Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report. The Right is just falling over itself to be love-struck by good old Dave. You see, he used to be a progressive but then saw the light and he’s now one of us! Isn’t that bitching! So cool, dude. Here he is with his new video where he explains why he’s not a leftie anymore.

I was watching the video and I was thinking that it was okay, nothing new but okay, when suddenly out of the blue came this line:

“I’m a married gay man …”

Hang on a second – you’re a what? (And no, I didn’t know that Rubin was gay. Everyone is fucking gay these days. It’s like we’re getting to the stage where you just have to assume someone is gay unless he tells you otherwise …

I’m not gay …)

Dave’s admission of having a gay marriage clashes rather abruptly with his earlier statement that progressives hate everyone who is a white Christian male.

So let me get this straight. Dave was all hip with the progressive stuff – his show even began on The Young Turks – and he even got married to another man. It was only at that point that he became a little uncomfortable with which way the wind was blowing.

Isn’t that nice? Dave wants to have his gay cake and eat it too. Gay marriage is not about giving gay’s “rights”. It’s about normalizing homosexuality and undermining the sanctity of the Catholic Church which is one of the three central pillars on which our Western civilization is built. Which makes it kind of a big deal to so many people. Particularly those white Christian males that he was apparently all keen on defending.

Dave is prancing around saying that he’s not a progressive any more, at the same time that he’s saying that he is a gay married man. Sorry Dave, that’s called being a complete hypocrite. We might begin to take you seriously when you cancel your blasphemous marriage. Otherwise you’re just as bad as the progressives that you claim to have disavowed.