What’s wrong with this meme? Clobbering grammar


I’ve seen this picture floating around a bit of late.

It annoys me for a few reasons.

First of all is the caption. I get what is being implied, however, it is so poorly written I’m sure a 5-year-old was just directly quoted.

Secondly, applying the term Nazi to the person in the rally, which also looks like a peaceful protest march. From the photo, apart from being a skinhead, there is no real defining feature defining him or any of the others involved in the rally being “Nazi”. The only thing that could show what they marched for was the flag, but it’s too folded to tell. What can be told is the curvature of the main image… From my memory, Nazi Germany mostly had straight angle images.

Thirdly, the writing is Germanic in the background, however, as far as I know (this may differ in other cities) German streets end in straß, tor, alle, platz. These don’t, which also adds to my disbelief that this march was a Nazi protest. (I should point out that I acknowledge Nazi supporters were not exclusively German.) It could be an Eastern European mother beating her son for not being at work like he said, for all we know.

Finally, what is the grammatically-challenged individual who put this into social circulation promoting?

“Be the woman” – take away the text, what do you see?

I see a peaceful protest/strike/march and some old woman assaulting a participant.

“Be the woman”.

This is saying if you disagree with someone, be violent!

What a terrible, anarchistic, freedom-revoked world is being endorsed! And we see it now. You don’t get your way, go throw a tantrum and attack others who disagree with you!