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The end is nigh for the Obama administration. Michelle Obama has predictably made it all about her, as she ignores the plight of millions of struggling Americans in ‘flyover country’ as she speaks of losing all hope, presumably because those that she and those of her ilk have silenced for decades finally have a voice. But has she really lost all hope on the cusp of such a lucrative phase of the Obamas’ lives?

Where others have gone low in their post-office exploitation of Presidential credentials, the Clintons went to dizzying heights to accumulate obscene amounts of wealth at the expense of some of the most disadvantaged people on the planet. We all know how great small-l liberals are about putting on a brave, altruistic front while lining their pockets behind the scenes. Conservative politicians are greedy opportunists just the same, but at least they’re more honest about it. Can we expect a similar kind of rort from the Obamas?

Douche, pointing.

If I were a betting man, and I am (I had a nice little windfall after the U.S. Election), I’d say that a dodgy foundation is already in the works. The First Lady, who is no doubt clutching her pearls at the thought of foreign governments influencing domestic policy, will have no qualms whatsoever about compromising American interests and influencing geo-politics, along with her husband using a more considered and cautious business model of interconnected speaking engagements and charitable fundraising, based on the groundwork laid by the Clinton Foundation.

The Obamas are smarter, and less openly brazen than the Clintons, don’t carry the baggage that Bill does, and despite their weaknesses are both brilliant orators. Expect any prospective Obama Foundation to be just shady enough to allow them to amass obscene amounts of wealth, but with just enough perceived legitimacy to act as a safety net in a post-Wikileaks world. Will this foundation have negative impacts on global policy? Absolutely. But even as these indiscretions are revealed, the fallout will be relatively minor compared to that suffered by Hillary Clinton, largely because the Obamas are more earnest and convincing when lying than Bill or Hillary ever were while they were being truthful.

What form will this foundation take? It could be a global initiative by Michelle Obama to micro-manage the diet and nutrition of every child on the planet. It may be Barrack Obama’s crusade against ‘fake media’ on the side of ‘truth’. Or they could go for gold with both. It isn’t inconceivable that Michelle Obama could make tens of millions lobbying on behalf of GMO empires, while her husband simultaneously generates rivers of wealth shoring up ‘the truth’ on behalf of AOL Time Warner, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and others along with the regimes they are working with to silence dissent. It’s all very sinister, and all very probable.

It will be interesting to follow the Obamas and keep track of their wealth accumulation under the guise of ‘charity’ over the next few years. Given the eagerness to capitulate, and the drive and determination of the first couple, it could make the Clinton Foundation appear amateurish, unprofitable, and benevolent by comparison. Whatever happens, you can be certain that mainstream media won’t be subjecting it to any real scrutiny, especially if the outgoing President finds a successful way to monetise the witch hunt over ‘fake media’. But one thing is certain: the very news media he’ll be targeting will be the only ones holding him to account.

It’s your XYZ.

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