Let’s talk about Pizzagate


Immediately after Germany’s Reichstag burned down on February 27, 1933, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler pushed for emergency powers to be put in place suspending civil liberties, which were used to purge the German parliament of the national socialist party’s rivals. Whether Marinus van der Lubbe, the communist charged with the arson, was actually responsible for the attack, or whether it was a false flag operation by the national socialists, historians agree that Hitler exploited the situation to advance his own power.

In the days since the XYZ published an article, written by Moses Apostaticus, on Sunday, December 4, presenting the evidence against members of the Democrat establishment in the US regarding the possibility of the existence of a paedophile ring, it has been viewed over 70,000 times, and has spent a great deal of time on the first two pages of the Google search for “pizzagate.” Interestingly, XYZ’s has been one of the only articles on the first couple of pages of Google which does not claim that Pizzagate is a “fake news” story. The claim that this story is “fake news” is precarious, to be very generous indeed. Conspiracy theory? We are open to that possibility. Debunked? We are open to the evidence. But “fake news” implies deliberately misleading, and that is a serious, and false, claim.

John Podesta, head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, whose emails, hacked and leaked by Wikileaks, led to Pizzagate controversy.

When a gunman burst into Comet Ping Pong (thankfully without fatalities), which is one of the businesses at the centre of the Pizzagate scandal, news about Pizzagate exploded on mainstream media sites. The established line has emerged that conspiracy theories fed by “fake news” have led to a near-fatal situation, so everybody should stop talking about Pizzagate.

As in 1933, it does not matter whether the gunman was a paid actor (the left do have form paying people to do violent things to make their opponents appear violent and crazy) or if he genuinely thought it would be productive to “investigate” with a gun in the presence of children he was purportedly trying to protect. The fact is, the mainstream media have exploited this situation to attempt to quash any discussion of the Pizzagate scandal.

In the same way that the regressive left and the mainstream media attempted for years to suppress serious discussion of border security, immigration, and the root cause of Islamic terrorism by labelling dissent as “racism,” it is holding up the bogeyman of crazy right-wing nut-jobs as a reason not to discuss the potential of a paedophilia scandal in the highest echelons of the US government.

The people of the West who are opposed to the regressive left and their allies in the mainstream media have contested multiple, bitterly fought elections in 2016 precisely so we do not have to give in to such speech suppression masquerading as moral grandstanding ever again. We here at The XYZ welcome and encourage discussion of the Pizzagate scandal. Whether the allegations are true or false remain to be proved.

If you have not already read this tremendous article by Moses Apostaticus, in which he methodically presents the evidence for readers to make up their own minds, then I strongly suggest you do.

If anybody would like to challenge the evidence presented in the article, you may do so in the comments section. The XYZ will also be happy to publish challenges to the evidence presented, or further evidence in support of it, in the form of articles, which you can submit at editors@xyz.net.au.

If there is one thing we have learned in these last decades of political correctness, it is that suppression of discussion on important topics simply does not work.

Photo by Center for American Progress