“2017 can’t be worse than this!”


This article was originally published on December 21, 2016 at https://pushingrubberdownhill.com, where Adam Piggott writes regularly and brilliantly.

2017 can’t be worse for you Lefties than this year? Oh yes it can…

MTV, that cable channel that used to play music videos, put up a video the other day telling white guys that they were collectively awful. MTV then took down the video – twice. This post isn’t about the awfulness of their racist diatribe. For a good rebuttal of this rubbish you can watch Paul Joseph Watson’s excellent effort:

No, what I want to examine is the title of this post which I took from the last line of the MTV video. The supposedly “funny black guy” exclaims that this year has been terrible and that next year just can’t be any worse. What he means is that 2016 has been terrible for the Left and that 2017 will somehow be much much better.

Dear Lefty morons, let me disabuse you of this hope. I know that you have suddenly gone silent on all social media platforms since the electoral college actually took their democratic responsibilities seriously. I am sure that some of you are plotting new evil schemes – after all, that’s the only reason that most of you get out of bed in the morning.

But many Lefties will be like the black guy in the MTV video and just be silently hoping and praying to a God that you don’t believe in to make 2017 better. It’s not going to happen.

First off, we have an election in Holland in March that Geert Wilders is on track to win. His platform involves dismantling all Islamic immigration to his country. Sounds good to me.

Then we have an election in France. Have you heard of Marine Le Pen? She is one of those actual conservative politicians. The real ones that existed in the time before conservatives slid over towards the bar that the Left calls home so they wouldn’t be called mean names. You lot call her mean names like Nazi, which is amusing as the Nazis were hard-Left fanatics. She looks on track to win as well. Sucks to be you.

Then the Germans are going to have an election. How do you think that’s going to go for your side? Hint – ever heard of the Hindenburg disaster?

Meanwhile in Australia, we’re going to have a state election that the far-right One Nation party is tipped to do very well in. And we’re hopefully going to get our own real conservative party as a stop-gap to the Greens, which will drag the Liberal party back towards the right. Cory Bernardi, who is tipped to lead this new party, has backing from Gina Rineheart, Australia’s richest woman. Why, they even recently had a little meeting in the USA…

The conservative firebrand and his “very close friend” Gina Rinehart met key members of US president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign team, including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, in Washington last month, fuelling fears the senator might have the support of Australia’s richest woman to bankroll the party and dilute the Liberals’ support base.

Sounds pretty awesome to me.

2017 might also be the year that Britain formally withdraws from the bloated socialist nightmare that is the EU. As well as this, you can also expect a snap election in Italy, and we all know how that’s going to go for you, don’t we.

But the final nail in the coffin of your hopes for 2017 being a good year for you, and this is a pretty big nail I must admit, a nail that those of us on the Right around the world are waiting for with delicious anticipation, is one that might just cause some of you to put a plastic bucket over your head and set it on fire:

Donald Trump will be the president of the United States of America.

So if you think that 2017 can’t be worse than this year, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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