Groundbreaking discovery of Trickledown Effect


ec31b5062cf01c3e81584d04ee44408be273e5dd1eb6174790f3_640_CapitalismMaxmillian Alexander

If you happen to casually mention the benefits of the trickledown effect to those great minds that are inclined towards the Left of thought, the response is usually a mixture of condescending laughter followed by a lecture on how the trickledown effect is a myth perpetrated by the wealthy to the detriment of the working and under classes.

Of course, such facts about the mythical reality of the trickledown effect is backed up and passed on by many of our universities’ expert economic lecturers, who before lecturing to the next generation of wide-eyed youth, have spent their entire lives in education, gaining degrees in Economics and Mastering in Social Marxism through various Arts degree pathways.

Despite the, up until now, unquestionable reality of the trickledown effect being a myth, both the working and underclasses of Western Civilisation are living in a relative lap of luxury which the Kings and Queens of only a few hundred years ago could only dream of. And such relative luxury does seem on the surface to be a result of a westernised capitalist-driven trickledown effect.

But as I am relatively uneducated, I would not dare argue the above point with such experts, as after all, they are experts.

Today, however, I am little confused, as since the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president and leading up to the possibility of Trump becoming President and enacting protectionist trade policies against China, the well-educated Leftists, the greatest minds of our time, have all pointed to a negative trickledown effect taking place if President Trump does enact such protectionist policies.

They haven’t quite labelled it as such but they are saying, throughout the media, that China will suffer as a result of Trump Polices and as such, Australia, as an exporter of raw materials to China will feel the pinch… now to me, that sounds awfully like a trickledown effect in play… be it negative but still a trickledown effect no less.

So I am now left wondering, will this grand discovery of the possible reality of an actual trickledown effect coming into play, change the course of economic teaching and thought throughout the great Marxist cultural institutions known as Universities?

Either way, I’m sure at least one of our nation’s great Leftist minds should be in running to win a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for this most recent and possibly ground-breaking discovery of an economic reality.

Editors’ note: The XYZ has drawn attention previously to the fact that the term “trickledown economics” is a straw man invented by socialists.  However, we applaud Maximillian’s astute and cutting observation regarding yet another regressive left hypocrisy.

Maximillian was first informed that he was a fascist soon after he began using social media to raise concerns about the influx of illegal immigrants arriving by boat and the blatant international wealth redistribution scam, known back then as a Carbon Tax. Accepting this title, Maximillian has become an outspoken ‘Moderate’ Fascist who objectively promotes the idea that ‘Fascism is the ideology of peace’ and dreams of one day leading a democratic fascist revolution against the tyranny and oppression of the Global Leftist Agenda.