The Eucalyptus Trees are Buggered?


By Grumblebum

24618747394_0904ccb92d_Eucalyptus-dyingAs further evidence of the ABC’s biased and climate sensationalist reporting, I would draw your attention to a banner scrolling headline under the ABC News 24 edition at approximately 06:34 am, September 20, 2016. This headline proclaimed, “Climate change could shrink habitat of 90% of Australia’s eucalypt species”.

I would argue that this is just another instance of the Chicken Little Syndrome (“The Sky is Falling Down”) alarmist climate change call, no doubt driven by the left-fascist Marxist agenda of certain ABC journalists, to which I have previously drawn attention.

One should note:

• no author is credited with the alarmist call
• the primary publication is not referenced
• no credible source of the prediction is offered
• no scientific method is referenced
• no academic peer review is cited
• no time scale is suggested for the length of study of the supposed phenomena
• no time scale is offered for when the supposed disaster will be upon this nation
• there is no indication of where the supposed disaster will first strike.

I would draw your attention to our national poem, My Country, by Dorothea Mackellar (1885 – 1968) which we are all supposed to learn in Primary School, which states:

“I love a sunburnt country/A land of sweeping plains,/Of ragged mountain ranges,/Of droughts and flooding rains..“

Something which we accept and honour as part of our Australian heritage.

One is entitled ask, where have the authors of the news item, and the ABC journalists, been all their lives, if they are unfamiliar with the words of this poem?

One could well imagine that the author would have had practical historical knowledge of our climate conditions prior to and over her lifetime, prior to penning those words. The fact that the words appear to have not been challenged when penned, and since, would give us today, an unbroken 150 plus years of historical climate conditions in our country. This alone, would allow one to question the veracity of the alarmist reporting.

I note also, with a degree of cynicism, that I am unaware that there have not been reports of wholesale climate related loss of eucalyptus habitat / trees in this country during the past 150 years, so one is at a loss to explain why the ABC has not fact checked the veracity of the climate disaster reported in their news bulletins.

Of further general interest, would be that a search be made through Aboriginal cultural records (dream time stories) which are of course “gospel” in the current cultural climate.
If the news prediction were to be believed, there would surely be evidence from 40,000 years of Aboriginal heritage of similar loss of eucalyptus habitat / tree having occurred previously.

Recently we have witnessed climate record rainfalls in Western Victoria, together with good winter rains over most of inland Australia. This will surely drought-proof the eucalyptus habitat for many years to come, unless……………… alarm, woe – the tree roots are too wet, and will turn up their toes after the rain!!!

Are we not entitled to some degree of fact-checking or management supervision of material put to air on the ABC, since we, the long-suffering taxpayers, fund the ABC to the tune of a billion dollars of our money per year? Once again, the ABC is found wanting and negligent in its editorial standards and in breach of its charter to impartially report factual information.

I really feel inclined to request that the ABC be asked / directed to print a retraction to the above alarmist headline, and that the retraction be aired for similar or equivalent time periods to the original alarmist headline.

Grumblebum has spoken.

Photo by Starr Environmental