Lap-dogs, Republican civil war and rigged polls


For some interesting commentary on the civil war erupting in the Republican Party, this episode of Right Angle from gives an excellent example of how to handle said differences respectfully:

What is striking is the stark difference in mood between the Bill Whittle gang and this discussion between Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell. The old PJTV crew believe the polls in the mainstream media which suggest Trump is losing, while Molyneux and Mitchell have a reasonably convincing list of reasons to disregard them:

If the latter are correct, it sets a new level of collusion between the liberal media in the US and the Democratic Party. Given the emails leaked by Wikileaks which reveal such collusion, it is not a stretch to think that many polls really are rigged.

So, dear reader, over to you. Do you think Trump is winning or losing?

It’s your XYZ.