We’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan (part 4 of 7)



That will be the case if we keep listening to the greenies and the lunatic left. We’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan.

14023762999_a795278abc_Sarah-Hanson-youngHaving had a day (or week) or two for reflection after being left in absolute darkness in Adelaide, we see brain dead Sarah Two-Dads and Richard Di Numbskull on national television dreaming up a new and costly fix for the clean green renewable wind power that had just failed, and cost the South Australian taxpayer approximately $150 million, and counting.

Yes people, it’s backup battery power subsidies for every household and business, reckoned at 1.2 million lucky customers to get a $5000 government grant. Cost about $6 billion if I am right. That of course has no allowance for the inevitable rorts, and the fact that battery backup does not address the real problem that caused the blackouts anyway. Current battery backups start at about $15,000 if I am right.

Sarah Two-Dads put on her most serious painted face, and spoke down to all us plebs in all seriousness, that we must all take seriously her words of technical and economic wisdom.

Credibility check Sarah – you, your hangers-on and the lunatic left of the ALP have just (and will) cost the Australian taxpayer about $16 Billion for the “Sovereign Borders” to stop illegal immigrants, detention centres, status checks and resettling these mostly economic illegals that our navy has had to rescue.

Have you not realised Sarah dear, that our country’s debt is about $471 billion, and rising??

How did these morons get into our Parliament, and get anywhere near the public purse? Or even get air time on the electronic media to show their complete ignorance?

”and all the tanks are dry, as the congregation looked towards the sky.”

“Grumblebum” is a white’ Anglo Saxon male baby-boomer whose ancestors came by sailing boat from the UK in the 1880’s and settled in the southern states. They farmed (not always successfully) and built the land, and passed onto myself their heritage of democracy and laws based on the Judeo-Christian principles. I am just wondering why I am being harangued into forfeiting this by a bunch of under-educated, historically illiterate, unwashed and unemployable knuckle draggers from the political left.

Photo by Adelaide Archivist