The coming Islamisation of Europe, and the flight of the Europeans (part 1)


This article was originally published on September 5, 2015. 

A lot of discussion in recent years has centred around that the fact that Europe, demographically, is finished. Indigenous Europeans, whether they be Germans, Italians, Britons, Greeks, etc, in other words, white people, are not having enough babies to grow or even replace the population. In their place, Europe is being flooded by tens of thousands of new migrants from North Africa and the Middle East each month, and the millions already settled there are reproducing at far greater rates than the indigenous Europeans. For all intents and purposes, it is expected that indigenous Europeans will become a minority in their homelands within the next fifty years or so; moreover, the new majority, whether they hail from the Middle East or North Africa, will be Muslim. Therefore, many European countries are likely to become Islamic states when the democratic political system reflects the wishes of the majority of the population.

imageSuch an historical event is not unprecedented. The whole Middle East and North Africa was once the Roman Empire. More recently, the Anatolian Peninsula was the heart of the Byzantine Empire – although people from across the empire came to live there, they essentially considered themselves Greek/Roman. Now, it is Turkey. It is mostly Turkish in ethnicity and Islamic in religion. It got this way the same way that Islam has always propagated, through a combination of all out warfare and genocide, demographically out-pacing its rivals, false truces during which time it could regain its strength, and a slow, inexorable chipping away at the morale, status, and size of those groups not like itself.

It will be a great irony that after all the effort Europeans have put into removing the role of religion in politics, and its impositions on how people live their lives, that the gains made will be lost to the importation of another deeply conservative, some might say fanatical, religious system. It is predicted that those on the left – those who have been swallowing the idea for decades that as white Europeans, they are bestowed at birth with civilisational guilt for the supposed sins of their forefathers, those who believe that it is their responsibility to make as little impact on the earth as possible; in other words, those who have accepted the idea that their lives are worthless and of no meaning in and of themselves, that they have no right to happiness or fulfilment other than through fulfilling the needs of others who have been deemed ‘underprivileged,’ ‘minority,’ or ‘exploited’ – these are the ones who will take this vile ideology to its logical conclusion, and meekly facilitate the purging of their identity from the earth. They will be the first to convert.

Islam demands complete obedience. They will find in a big hurry, or perhaps they already know, that its concept of tolerance, of peace, is very different to how we in the West understand it. When we are told, by our cultural and political betters, endlessly, mind-numbingly, that Islam is the religion of peace; what they leave out is that peace according to Islam means submission. Unfortunately, submission in Islam means exactly what it means in the West. Peace, according to Islam, means the absence of opposition to it. Eventually, those who do not submit to Islam in Europe will be given the three choices: convert, pay the jizya (a tax levied on non-believers) or be banished/killed.

This dark vision of the future is the reason why there is such a stink being put up among everyday people throughout the Western world. It is not racism, xenophobia, fear of the other, bigotry, religious intolerance, or Islamophobia. Hell, it isn’t even a misunderstanding. It is simply the logical conclusion reached by millions of people who have taken the time to investigate Islam, Islamic society, Islamic history, or who has attempted the deeply frustrating process of obfuscation and gas-lighting that is a debate with a Muslim.

There will come a point when millions of Europeans – Europeans who believe that they do have a right to exist in and of themselves, Europeans who will be damned if they are going to live their lives for another, let alone expect anyone to do the same for them, Europeans who believe that they are endowed at birth with inalienable rights, among which are the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – decide that they do not want to live in an Islamic society, and want to move somewhere else. Millions will, in fact, see the writing on the wall, and begin the process well in advance. The Jews of Europe, who have seen this sort of thing before, have already started. This will make the current immigration crisis affecting Europe seem small by comparison.

This is part 1 of a three part series. In Part 2 I will examine the most likely places that Europeans will emigrate to en masse in the coming decades, and why, and how they are likely to fare. Part 3 will speculate on the concept of havens, not just for Europeans but for any non-Muslim determined to live independently of Islam, what would happen to an Islamic Europe emptied of its Europeans, the fact that this could all happen quite peacefully, without conflict, and pose the question we may all need to ask ourselves: are you John Galt or Dagney Taggart?