The language of leftist bigots


My biggest pet peeve right now is the language used by the left with regards to people with differing opinions to theirs.

First cab off the ranks is “racist” or “racism”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Islam is not a race. Islam is a religion practiced by many different races so therefore if they were to correctly label me, as we know they all love their little boxes to place people in, I would instead be prejudiced toward Islamists or even religiously intolerant. I do however like my freedoms, and I like living, so I will continue to be such until there is a safer world for my children.

Secondly, you would have seen my use of the word “Islamist” before. That is the correct term. As is Islamic. Please notice the use of the “i” after Islam. The left love their “Islamophobia”; even now when I write it, the word hasn’t come up as incorrect in Google. “Islamophobia” is a spin on words by the literary doctors of our communist left. It engenders the same connotations as “homophobia” with the use of the “o” from “homosexual”. Once again, the left have used the gay community for their own benefit and not those whom they are supposed to support. “Islamiphobia” would be a more accurate term that isn’t riding on the emotional coat tails of “homophobia”.

Now this one, I feel, preaches to the choir, but at least they use it in the correct context for once: bigot. There are some folk on the right side of politics, usually the extreme, who are bigots. Bigots, by definition, are intolerant to those holding different views and opinions. However, generally, those I meet on the right are incredibly tolerant of someone’s lifestyle choices as long as they don’t impede or affect other people negatively. I would not call these people bigots, and I would not have myself lumped into this bucket. While stereotypes exist for a reason, there is good cause behind our unease, fear, and opposition to the Islamic invasion of Western culture. It is not Christians bombing people, it’s not Hindus cutting off heads of kneeling reporters, it is not Buddhists raping women for not wearing a sheet over their body, it is not Jews marrying young, under-age girls. It is Islam. We are concerned for the welfare of others, and in expressing such concern, we are labelled bigots by the progressive left. The irony is that they are themselves being greater bigots than the conservatives, as they are 100% intolerant of the opinions that differ from their own. Look at poor Sonia Kruger. She made a level-headed, rational observation and she has been crucified for it. Who is the real Bigot here?

What other slogans have you seen that are wildly inaccurate, yet commonplace in the internet realm, from social justice warriors?