See No Evil, Hear No Evil: The Blindness of Our Leaders


It has been a truly awful couple of weeks.

The frequency and brutality of Islamic terrorist attacks are increasing almost on a daily basis. It seems only a matter of time that sections of Europe will be subjected to ongoing violence and civil war.

What is also becoming clear is that ISIS and its Islamist affiliates have infiltrated the West, and are now carrying out attacks at will. How could a man on the French terrorist watch list, who had been stopped while attempting to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State, and who also happened to be wearing a ‘security bracelet’ was able to kill a priest and take members of his congregation hostage in his parish church?

If authorities are unable to monitor and prevent attacks from those known to them, how will they be able to prevent attacks from the scores of unknown potential assailants? In light of this reality, can we blame those including Sonia Kruger who fear for the future of our nation and the safety of our children?

These terrorists will stop at nothing in their attempt to bring the world under Islamist domination. They will lure children to their death, they will destroy other Muslims, and they have no qualms about slitting the throat of an elderly priest, and taking Christian worshipers hostage. We are dealing with an evil of demonic proportions. Yet some, indeed many, of our leaders refuse to see and name what is happening for what it is.

I have resigned myself to accepting that those who continue to appease Islamism and bury their heads in the sand over its political agenda and violent attacks are unlikely to ever change their mind. You cannot force someone to see when they refuse to see.

While the Chamberlain-esq appeasers will subject us to Islamist blackmail and victim-blaming, it falls on the rest of us to persist in resistance and face this evil.

Photo by Identity Photogr@phy