The “Real” Victims of Terrorism – Quote of the Day


It’s not often you come across this special kind of stupid (actually, who Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.10.20 PMam I kidding?), but when you do it’s worth sharing (credit goes to Paul Joseph Watson for noticing this).

This tweet, posted by ‘Zanib’ gets to the heart of the problem of terrorism, stating that the “real” victims of terrorism are not the victims themselves – you know, the ones who are killed, maimed or taken hostage, but actually Muslims who may now fall foul of the scourge of “Islamopobia”, you know, that perfectly rational desire not be killed by an Islamic terrorist.

Sadly there is no reasoning with this level of crazy.

But ‘Zanib,’ we will credit you with XYZ’s Quote of the Day for 27 July 2016.