“Racists for Rapists”: The Suicide of a Culture


Recently I wrote a piece – Where are All the Feminists in response to the Council of Islamic Ideology declaring that violence committed by Muslim husbands against their wives is a-okay, thanks for asking.

But upon reflection, I realised I have been naive, if not in denial. I know exactly where the feminists are and what they are saying, but at least a part of me does not want to believe it.

Source: azquotes.com
Source: azquotes.com

Feminists, including theorist and leader of the radical feminist movement Robin Morgan, have been spouting their hatred of Western Culture, and self-loathing as white westerners for decades.

Radical feminism sees its own culture as negative and beyond redemption. Its acolytes lust after their own self destruction, intent on dragging the rest of us westerners along with them. Arnold Toynbee famously stated: “Civilisations die from suicide, not by murder.”

Of course, radical feminists aren’t the only ones that are intent on cultural suicide.

Let’s be honest, the West’s current dominant philosophical narrative is bleak and suicidal.

Even the left’s vision of utopia appears to have been cast aside in recent years. While there are small pockets that are holding firm to the Judeo-Christian tradition or Enlightenment Humanism, these life philosophies are diametrically opposed to the post-modern/post-colonial/nihilist/moral and philosophical relativism that now dominates the West in its leading institutions. And this dominant narrative in the West is one that is self-loathing, that sees our achievements as oppressive to others, and as moral failures.

Behind the moral posturing and virtue signalling of political actors and their pseudo-compassion is a death wish. Not necessarily their own personal suicide – they’re too busy consuming the goods the West has produced, and lining up cushy jobs for themselves and their mates, while denigrating our culture. There are environmentalists who preach climate doom and gloom, yet jet-set around the globe for the next talk fest. Activists protest the treatment of refugees, yet abort their children by the millions. There is no genuine concern for refugees from our cultural narrators and political class. But by virtue signalling their purported care, they can feel superior to everyone else. What’s more, refugees can certainly be a pawn in destabilising and weakening Western and European culture; so fling open the doors and dissolve all national borders!

One of the key tactics of the death-wish set has been to play down, excuse or completely ignore the crimes committed by migrants and Muslims. Remember the Norwegian politician who “felt guilt and responsibility after he was sodomised by a Somali refugee? And more recently, the female German politician who lied about the race of her gang-rapists? For the left, rape is simply par for the course in their disordered minds when dealing with refugees.

Such an expectation was made perfectly clear when a German ANTIFA group shared a picture, stating in the caption below:“Prefer sexually active fugitive as [than] German racists,”

Source: http://redalertpolitics.com
Source: http://redalertpolitics.com

Perhaps the ‘anti-fascist’ group wasn’t aware that their wish to “trade racists for rapists” was made on the basis of a doctored image. The original post actually stated: “will trade racists for refugees”.

Regardless of what the original image actual stated, ANTIFA and other leftists have made their suicidal tendencies perfectly clear: they prefer rape and violence to self-defence and preservation of the West as Western. Of course, violence is not justified, unless it is carried out against whites and so-called racists, which is not only allowed but encouraged. Whites can never be the recipients of racism, because they are by definition “oppressors”, and so on…

These self-loathers in the West have made a death-pact on our behalf, and bound themselves in a moral and intellectual straitjacket, which they are currently trying to force on the rest of us.