Quote of the Day: Electric cars are no longer for wimps


Let’s cut to the chase.  The Prius is a bit, well, soft.  It just looks soft.  Electric cars, until recently, just weren’t cool.  It wasn’t that they didn’t have the grunt of a real car, or the range of a real car, or the sound of a real car.  They just sucked.  Which is why nobody wanted them.  Except for Californian liberals.

But all that is changing.  Elon Musk has designed Tesla cars, which are really, really, really cool.

I want one.  Because Tesla is cool.

And this car.  I want this car.  This car is really, really cool.  I don’t even know what it looks like from the outside, but this car recently won the Pikes Peak race in Colorado, USA, and set a new record for the fastest time in the process.

And it just looks awesome.

XYZ Quote of the Day.  Enjoy.

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