Plebiscite “Only Way Forward” to Resolve Same-sex Marriage Issue


Today’s quote of the day comes as a vote in favour of freedom of speech, conscience and democracy.

Attorney General Senator George Brandis, speaking to their ABC Insiders program today stated:

“We are going to have a plebiscite… The only way forward to progress this issue is to now have a plebiscite. That was the policy the government took to the election, it was endorsed by the public, there is opinion poll evidence to show that that option is overwhelmingly favoured by the public, so there is going to be a plebiscite and the only way in this parliament this issue can be progressed is through a plebiscite.”

Senator Brandis went on to warn Opposition Leader Bill Shorten not to play politics with this issue.

It’s not often we have a victory for freedom of speech and democracy, but when we do, they are worth celebrating.

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Photo by torbakhopper